Thursday, March 16, 2006

In loving memory of Jochen Schaefer * 16.07.1948 - 16.03.2006

Jochen Schaefer, who directed TJs "Darker than Black" video in 1999 and subsequently invited me onto his TV show (see, passed away this morning at 7.15 a.m. local time of Liver- and Bonecancer.

JochenĀ“s cancer had only been diagnosed 6 months ago and on February 24th 2006 he married his longterm relationship Christine with whom he lived together for 11 years.

Apart from his widow, Jochen also leaves a 14 years old daughter behind.

My thoughts are with his friends and relatives and with my good friend Renate who accompanied him as well over the last, difficult weeks and days.

The picture my memory paints is one of a happy, visionary artist who would have deserved to produce TV- and Filmproductions.

He will be sadly missed


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TJ represents FARBENWALD on Near FMs "Radio Club"

Left: Presenter George Mulcahy & TJ

On March 15th 2006 TJ represented Farbenwald on Near FMs "Radio Club", where presenter George Mulcahy talked to TJ about the ambitious Farbenwald project and about the musical influence of German bands worldwide.

George also played "Meilenweit", "Wolkenstadt" and "Stehn" and asked a short description of what the songs are all about.

Farbenwald says HELLO

FARBENWALD are from left to right: Gerd "Bouncer" Kuck, Arne "AD" Duering and Thomas "TJ" Janak.

Listen to some demos here:



Stehn and Gestern

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