Monday, February 23, 2009

Praise and Hope

Arne has just praised TJs new music project ZWEI FREUNDE in a comment he left on the blog and also wrote to TJ saying: "2009 is also going to be a good year for Farbenwald" - at this point in time TJ doesn't know if that still includes him but he is hopeful and open to all possibilities.

After all FARBENWALD would be worth persuing!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Be Continued ...

TJs music project ZWEI FREUNDE will commence recordings for their German language album in early April 2009.

They are also on myspace and blogger - pls go and check them out

Monday, February 09, 2009


Michael v. Lueder macht wieder Musik mit seiner alten Band Selfish United und ist auch bei einer irischen Saengerin mit eingestiegen und es wird wohl keine Zukunft fuer Farbenwald geben.

Nach TJs 2008 er Veroeffentlichung der "Digital Dreams - The Best Of" CD wurde Digital Dreams mit diversen Frontfrauen kurzzeitig wieder ins Leben gerufen und ist nun sogar auf myspace.

TJ arbeitet derzeit an zwei Musikprojekten. Zum einen ist das naechste TJ Werk "TJ-Painted Dreams", welches im TJ eigenen Sensitivity Studio aufgenommen wird, zu 50% fertig und die Veroeffentlichung ist fuer Sommer 2009 geplant. Zum anderen arbeitet TJ mit seinem guten Freund Thomas Racz aka "Das Experiment" an einem deutschsprachigen CD Album, welches im Moment den Arbeitstitel "Zwei Freunde" traegt.


Micha v. Lueder is back with his old band Selfish United and also joined an irish musician and there may not be a future for Farbenwald.

After TJ's 2008 release "Digital Dreams - The Best of", Digital Dreams had been revived for a short while, fronted by different female vocalists and is now even on Myspace.

TJ himself is currently working on two music projects. TJ's next album "TJ - Painted Dreams", which is being recorded at TJs own Sensitivity Studio, is about halfway through production and together with his long-term buddy Thomas Racz aka "Das Experiment" TJ just started working on a German language CD album, with th current working title: "Zwei Freunde" (Two Friends)